Orleans Sweeps and Sculls

OSS is a Friendly Rowing Club on Town Cove, Orleans, MA ~ Cape Cod

2022 Classes

Private or Beginner Lessons

Call Al at 617-803-2345 to make an appointment.

  • For group lessons, please arrive 15 minutes early 
  • If you are new to OSS, please call or email in advance

All classes take place at Orleans Sweeps & Sculls at 31a Cove Road in Orleans.

2022 Fees

Upcoming Events

OSS Fundraiser at the Head of the Charles Regatta

Saturday, October 22, 2022

10:00 am - 4:30 pm

American Legion Marsh Post #442, Greenough Boulevard, Cambridge, MA

Explanation of Fee Options

We have a variety of fee options for members and non-members.

Members pay a one-time fee and can then choose from two basic membership options:

1. All-access options: Members pay an annual fee that entitles them to participation in all group lessons as well as use of club equipment outside of group lessons. All-access options are available for different periods, including all year (Jan-Dec), outdoor (May-Oct), summer (Jul/Aug), and weekend.

2. Pay-per-row options: Members pay an annual fee of $200 as well as $20 for each row (if using OSS equipment or participating in a group lesson).

Members also receive a discount on beginner and private lessons.

Additional family members receive a 50% discount on annual fees.

Non-members can choose from different options, including a weekly membership or pay-per-row. A share of non-member fees can be applied to membership fees, if a non-member decides to join.